Our Origin Story

Our story begins in a small humble suburb of Canberra with one man and a passion for bringing people together.

2009 | We distilled our first brandy using an old pot distiller and bottles from a local event.

2010 | Year of the Daiquiri | Our brewing got casual, too many daiquiris were made.

2014 | We drove back to Canberra with a car full of free molasses and started experimenting with our first spiced and aged rum.


After 11 years of experimentation and testing Poncho Fox was born. We became an officially licensed distillery on the 23rd of September 2020.

Poncho Fox was named after our founders children and represents our value of family and community.

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Meet the Team

Head Poncho | Pat Dillon

Head Poncho Patrick Dillon known as Pat, has always been a family and community-focused man; he founded Sly Fox Coffee in the late 2000s and grew a local community around a portable coffee stand that catered to local events.

He hosts the Sly Fox Community Markets an event that runs four times a year and brings together people and small businesses across Canberra.

Pats natural personality treats our everyone more like friends and family than customers.

This is his greatest strength and after years of experimentation in distilling and brewing led to the creation of Poncho Fox - a local Canberra Distillery that creates small-batch, handcrafted spirits that embody the local plants, environment and people of Canberra.




People Poncho | Pudding and Pedro

We love connecting with and talking to everyone wherever we can.

Pudding and Pedro are our People Ponchos, they bring their expertise in loving everyone they see to bring us all together to have fun.